Startup Services


Research shows that entrepreneurs with access to active mentors are seven times more likely to raise capital and 3.5 times more likely to attract customers. One of our strengths is access to powerful energy coaches. We have access to active mentors in a variety of fields: investment, marketing, technical and specialist in the fields of energy, design, founders, product managers and the legal sector. And it is also worth noting that among our mentors are successful and capable women.

The best way to communicate with Angle Investors and angel investors is through personal introduction. Do this with us.

High quality experts especially in areas such as product development, developers, designers, marketers and so on. These experts can provide practical advice on a particular topic that can be very valuable.


Experienced entrepreneurs who, by sharing their experiences, double the morale and are a powerful driving force for young entrepreneurs.


Our series of workshops to educate people on new business approaches and modeling of the world’s leading startup ecosystems, with the presence of highly qualified investment, academics, entrepreneurship and energy and IT experts on energy startup topics. New platforms include Blockchain, AI, IoT and data analytics. The workshops are organized with two educational and promotional approaches in academia and research as well as large companies active in the energy, oil and gas industry.

Initial Investment

Startups need the initial capital to complete product launches and customer recruitment and marketing and branding early with ease. In addition to the non-cash features and services, Itech Accelerator provides you with a cash advance of 35 million USD.

The various stages of investing in startups that Itech Accelerators have in their investment network and enable startups to connect to them are:

Another link in the Itech accelerator network is venture capital funds. When your startup has reached the point where it needs to expand its customer base, expand its target market, our venture capital funds can provide you with services.

Traditional and large companies and businesses are keen to invest in small startups, and the Itech accelerator enables this type of investment by effectively connecting with this group.

The main purpose of this phase is to focus on developing a MVP and its capital can be invested in a variety of ways, such as personal funds, family and friends. Itech’s specialized accelerator is ready to provide the necessary capital for top ideas and teams.

At this point, a startup needs more capital than the previous stage for product development, marketing, advertising and team development. Itech Accelerator has a strong network of angel investors and will connect top teams to them.

Work Space

In order to work with the most efficient startups, we provide the right environment for them to interact with other startup teams, mentors, accelerators, and experts in a variety of environments, with the support of accelerated growth. Have a single donor. Considered items include: