Acceleration program

The Itech Acceleration Program is a compact, focused, practical, and value-driven program, and accepted startups will be directly monitored by successful, experienced entrepreneurs, and experts. This program is designed to accelerate your startup on the path to energy markets. The focus of our acceleration program is to help you discover the need in the market and start building products and services that can meet those needs.

Prerequisites for entering the acceleration program

  • An empathetic team of people with complementary abilities whose primary concern in life is to set up a business and succeed.
  • Accredited idea and business plan present their idea in a pitch to the judges.

The goals of the acceleration program ​

  • Business Model Validation
  • Better and more effective market identification
  • Formulating the basic strategies of startups
  • Fundamentals of Fundraising
  • Forming and completing the team

The process of entering the acceleration program

Complete the application form
Second Stage
Invite selected teams to interview and present in person
Fourth Stage
First Stage
Initial review and evaluation
Third Stage
Start the acceleration program